Reducing Gun Violence

"Gun violence is an insidious threat that affects all of us. From gang violence in the inner cities to domestic violence and accidental shootings in suburban and rural communities, no part of our state has been left untouched by gun violence.  Far too many have suffered the deadly consequences of gun violence. We must take every step possible to dry up the sources of illegal gun trafficking." - Shelly Silver

New York City is safer than it's been in decades, but gun and gang violence still plague some of our neighborhoods.  That's why Shelly Silver stood up to the gun lobby to ban assault weapons, 50-caliber sniper rifles and "cop-killer" bullets-and to require more thorough background checks for firearm registrations.

Stopping Illegal Street Gun Trafficking

One percent of gun dealers account for more than half of the guns that make their way into the illegal market.  Shelly has led the Assembly in passing a bill that would stop illegal guns from falling into the hands of criminals through commercial gun dealers with new penalties for illegal dumping and new recordkeeping requirements to ensure the law can be enforced.

Enabling Microstamping Technology

Microstamping technology will soon make it easier to convict perpetrators of gun crimes.  Under Shelly's leadership, the Assembly has passed legislation requiring that semiautomatic pistols in New York stamp the make, model and serial number of the gun onto the cartridge.

Banning Cop-Killer Bullets

The risk to law enforcement of armor-piercing ammunition outweighs any legitimate use of these devastating products.  That's why Shelly is leading the fight to enact legislation that would keep these gruesome bullets off our streets. 

Bringing Back the Assault Weapons Ban

Sadly, the federal assault weapons ban has been allowed to expire.  Shelly has passed legislation that would address this void by expanding New York's definition of assault weapons to prohibit guns designed to maim and murder.

Banning 50-Caliber Weapons

Fifty-caliber weapons are powerful enough to disable commercial aircraft and helicopters and even penetrate steel plating.  These military weapons do not belong in the hands of private civilians - yet they remain legal in New York.  Shelly has fought to ban these weapons, which have been purchased by terrorists.