Strengthening Mass Transit and Reducing Congestion

"Mass transit is the cornerstone of economic growth. It is very clear that lower Manhattan and the Lower East Side need more, not less access to public transportation." - Shelly Silver

Shelly led the fight in Albany for new subway construction and in our neighborhood for better bus and subway service. And he stood up to the MTA to stop them from shrinking the plan for the new Fulton Street Transit Center.

Expanding Bus Service

People who live and work in Lower Manhattan deserve buses that are reliable and that come more frequently, as well as new bus routes to accommodate their needs - especially cross-town buses.  Shelly is fighting to restore and expand service to the M14, M15 and M22 lines. Residents of the Lower East Side, many of whom are senior citizens, rely heavily on New York City buses because they do not have adequate subway service.  Shelly has a proven record of success in fighting for expanded bus service throughout Lower Manhattan. His work accelerated the return of many important bus lines that were in danger of being discontinued after the 9/11 attack. He also helped win shuttle bus service to compensate for subway disruptions related to construction on the Manhattan Bridge.

Reducing Traffic Congestion

Reducing congestion is important to our economy and our environment.  Shelly favors a comprehensive approach to reducing congestion that includes fully funding the MTA's capital plan, improving mass transit operating service and some form of congestion pricing that treats all New Yorkers fairly without letting New Jersey drivers off the hook.

Holding the Line on Fares

Keeping subway and bus fares affordable is key to the economy of New York.  Shelly strongly opposed the last fare hike and successfully delayed its implementation.  Now he has joined with state leaders to form the Ravitch Commission that will propose a plan to hold the line on fares and fully fund the MTA capital plan.

Keeping the Promise of the Fulton Street Transit Center

Shelly is fighting to ensure the Fulton Street Transit Center is fully funded, completed in a timely manner, and at a scale that resembles what has been repeatedly promised to the Lower Manhattan community.